Oracle Forms Load Balancing

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 with No comments
Load Balancing for Oracle Forms Applications is more and more required and used, but in many cases you don't have the budget for a Hardware Load Balancer.

The first choice is mostly Oracle WebCache to use as a Load Balancer, but as I see in many projects this solution is sometimes really slow. Another alternative is to use Oracle HTTP Server 1.3.31 out of the Oracle Application Server Companion CD and configure a Load Balancing for your Oracle Forms Application. But be aware, that you can't use the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 2.0.52 out of the Companion CD, because the mod_oc4j of the OHS 2.0.52 is not compatible with the OC4J from the Oracle AS
A complete description how to configure the Load Balancing with the OHS 1.3.31 you can find in the Oracle TechNet.

To check the status of your OHS Load Balancer you can use the oc4j-service URL http://ohsserver:port/oc4j-service?cmd=p
From the first feelings this OHS Load Balancer seems to be faster, then the usage of Oracle WebCache as a Load Balancer.