WebLogic Server Logfiles

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Wednesday, December 01, 2010 with No comments
I am actually giving an Oracle University Course "Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials". Today we reach the chapter Logfiles and an interesting question came up from one student:

Is it possible to define one logfile for multiple Managed Server and the global Domain Logfile? So that I don't have to go through multiple logfiles for investigation of problems or errors

So, we just tested it live as I never came to this idea to merge the Managed Server Logfiles into the Domain Logfile.
I just copy the fullpath of the Domain Logfile into the logfile defintion of one Managed Server of the Domain, saved this changes and did a restart of the Managed Server and ... Its working :-) All Managed Server related log entries were captured in the Domain Logfile :-)

Even as a teacher you can learn from time to time something during holding a course :-)