Oracle Reports 11.1.1 Reports Configuration Error

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Saturday, February 19, 2011 with 23 comments
You might run in an error while you are installing Oracle Reports / /, that the configuration step "Executing: opmnctl startproc ias-component ..." will throw an error.

The error message just state that while executing the command "opmnctl startproc ias-component=ReportsServer_<servername>_<instance>" an error occurs. If you check the corresponding Install Logfile, you will not find something really usefull. Only stuff like "failed to start a manage process after the maximum retry limit".

Only a look in the Reports Logfile will give you a hint whats the problem :-) The Reports Logfile you can find under $MW_HOME/<instance>/diagnostics/logs/ReportsServerComponent/ReportsServer_<servername>_<instance>/rwserver_diagnostic.log

Here you can see the error message REP-50600, that Broadcasting is disabled.
This error message points to a problem with the network, as Oracle Reports is using a multicast mechanism to publish his Reports Servicename into the network.

Normally this problem is related to a missing or wrong "Default Gateway" on the server.

Just set your default gateway and retry after the changes the configuration step which has been failed.

After that the configuration step "Executing: opmnctl startproc ias-component ..." should pass successfully.