Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c - First screenshots

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Tuesday, October 04, 2011 with 3 comments
In my post from yesterday "Download available for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 1 ( for Linux x86-64" you could see that the new Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for Linux x86-64 is available for download.

Here are some first impressions:
  • According to a presentation from Oracle "What's New in Enterprise Manager 12c Install" the installation should be really simplified now: TRUE :-) It's only 6 screens (under optimal conditions) !!!
  • The fight with a correct WebLogic Server Release and which JDK to use is now eliminated :-) Everything is bundled in the installation sources
  • The only pre-requirement what you will need is an Oracle Database
My starting position:
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Update 3 x86-64
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (no additional patches)
Extract the 2 zipfiles and on your server and start the runInstaller:
At first the typical Welcome screen with the optional declaration of my My Oracle Support credentials

As next we can define if we want to download directly possible available patches from My Oracle Support.

Then the prerequirement checks are running, I receive an error due to a minor version of my installed glibc-devel, so I decided to ignore it and everything works for me well :-)

After that we have to chose the installation type. The Simple option is really simple, it installs you all the necessary stuff (JDK, WebLogic Server, OMS and Agent) and configures your new Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

As next we have to define the Password for the adminstrative Users (Weblogic Admin-User, SYSMAN and OMS registration) and the Database Connectivity for the Enterprise Manager.

After the connectivity check you normally get some errors/warnings (eg. that a Stats Gathering Job must be disabled and that some Database Settings are not aligned). The Stats Gathering Job can be disabled directly from the Installer :-) the other warnings in my case were minor and could be aligned after the installation.

As last step we can review the summing up and start with the installation and configuration. This all what we have to do :-) Really simple and straight forward !!!

As last the Installer shows us the Finish screen with a small summing up of the necessary URL's.

To access the new Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c just go to the URL displayed in the Finish screen. The new login screen looks now more blue and from the look'n feel like the Fusion Middleware Login Screens. For the Login you have to use the username SYSMAN.

The first new feature you will see directly after the login. You can now chose your preferred "home page view", e.g. Databases, Middleware, SOA and so on.

The Website of an Oracle Database:

The Website of a WebLogic Server:

The Website of a Host (Oracle Enterprise Linux):

Conclusion: Installation simplified :-) Look'n Feel cool :-) preferred home page view great idea. Seems to be a great new Release from the first look. So let's test deeper ...

Additional Note: For everybody who is searching for the documentation (like me :-) ): I just found the documentation, sometimes its better to read the documentation before you start with the installation, according to the installation guide, I had to apply for my Oracle Database two additional patches :-)