Oracle Forms Stand-alone Application Launcher (FSAL)

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Monday, August 29, 2016 with 1 comment
Since Oracle Forms 12c its possible to start your Oracle Forms without invoking a browser, this is called Oracle Forms Stand-alone Application Launcher (FSAL).

As pre requirement you will need either a JRE or JDK on your desktop, which should execute the Oracle Forms.

For this new Feature Oracle has integrated a short description Website within your installed and configured Oracle Forms & Reports Server 12c. The description website can be reached under following URL http://<your_server>:<port>/forms/html/fsal.html

Simply access this website from your desktop and download the frmsal.jar file to your desktop.

On your server hosting the Oracle Forms & Reports Server, access the formsweb.cfg and search for the section [standalone] or create a new section with a unique name.

[oracle@server] cd $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/servers/WLS_FORMS/applications/formsapp_12.2.1/config
[oracle@server] vi formsweb.cfg
-- Snippet from formsweb.cfg
# Note: baseSAAfile must end with .txt
# definition of colorScheme
# My Start Form
# fsalcheck parameter specifies whether to perform checksum comparison
# of Forms stand-alone app launcher or not. When it is enabled, it triggers
# the comparison at server. The checksum of FSAL at client machine will be
# compared with the checksum of FSAL archived at the server repository.

After you have modified or created your own section for the FSAL, get back to your desktop, open a command prompt and navigate to the directory in which you have placed the frmsal.jar file. From there make sure that you have the java binary in your PATH and execute following command

java -jar frmsal.jar -url "http://<your_server>:<your_port>/forms/frmservlet?config=standaloneapp" -t 10000

You can also define within the parameter -url various options, e.g. .../forms/frmservlet?config=standaloneapp&colorScheme=teal

Depending on your formsweb.cfg section configuration you might see the typical login dialog.

or you will access directly your Oracle Forms Application.

And everything without any browser :-)