OTN Appreciation Day: WebLogic

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Based on the suggestion by Tim Hall's Blogpost here is my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day:

I've got 2 features and as usual these features are related to Oracle WebLogic Server:

1st Oracle WebLogic Server & Docker

The official support and certification for Oracle WebLogic Server on Docker started nearly one year ago. Since the first support and certification of Oracle WebLogic Server on Docker there were a lot of things happening, support and certification has been continuously extended to the latest release of Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle (specially Bruno Borges) is driving a great GitHub Repository which provides you nearly everything around Oracle WebLogic Server and Docker.

The combination of Oracle WebLogic Server and Docker is really a game changer for how people like me are working now with Oracle WebLogic Server, it forces you to rethink your old techniques on how to design, install, maintain and specially monitor your WebLogic Infrastructure.
But on the other hand it also gives you new opportunities on how to work closer with the Developers (DevOps).

If you want to learn more about Oracle WebLogic Server on Docker, I strongly recommend to have a look on following stuff:

2nd Oracle WebLogic Server & RESTFul Management Services

REST is normally more a classical Developer topic, but since Oracle introduced the RESTFul Management Services in Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 it has become also a topic for Administrators. The RESTFul Management Services are providing you the option to monitor your entire Oracle WebLogic Server including all deployed applications, integrated resources like JDBC, JMS and so on, moreover you can administer your entire WebLogic Server, like creating new Managed Servers, deleting resources, deploying applications and so on, just with a http request performed for example by a simple cURL command.
The response performance of cURL based RESTFul Management Service request to retrieve some performance metrics of your WebLogic Server compared to the classical scripting via Python and executed by wlst is simply incredible.
Specially the RESTFul Management Services are getting more and more interesting, as many environment are moved to the Cloud and with the lack of direct access to the Operating System, your main way of administer your WebLogic Server environment is now via RESTFul Management Services.

For more informations on WebLogic Server RESTFul Management you may have a look on following stuff:

Happy OTN Appreciation Day to all of you :-)