Permanent Re-Login for WebLogic Consoles for multiple WebLogic Domains on one Server

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Friday, December 16, 2016 with No comments
In case you have multiple Oracle WebLogic Server Domains on one Server running, you might realise the following problem:

Opening 2 or more WebLogic Consoles in one Browser and switching the Browser tabs between the different WebLogic Consoles, you have to re-login all the times for your different WebLogic Consoles. This is really annoying ...

The problem behind is really simple, its the WebLogic Admin Console Cookie, as for all Oracle WebLogic Admin Consoles the default Cookie Name is identical, its named "ADMINCONSOLESESSION".

In order to avoid this permanent re-login to your multiple WebLogic Admin Consoles, you simply have to configure for each Oracle WebLogic Server Domain running on the same server unique Cookie Names.
I prefer the following naming convention: Cookie Name = Domain Name.

Open your WebLogic Admin Console and navigate to the Domain Configuration.

Activate the Lock & Edit Mode under the Change Center:

Expand the Advanced Configuration Options in the Domain Configuration / General Section:

Within the Advanced Configuration Options you will find the Configuration Item "Console Cookie Name" with the default Cookie Name "ADMINCONSOLESESSION":

Change the Console Cookie Name to a unique Cookie Name, e.g. your WebLogic Domain Name and press the Save button:

Finally activate your changes under the Change Center:

After the activation of your changes, you will get a notification message, that you have to restart 1 item. To check which item you have to restart, click under the Change Center the Text Line "View changes and restarts"

Within "Changes and Restarts" under the tab "Restart Checklist" you will see that your AdminServer needs to be restarted in order to take your prior changes.

Restart your Admin Server and from now on your WebLogic Admin Console will use a unique cookie name. Perform the above steps for all WebLogic Server Domains running on your server and you will not have anymore the problem with the permanent re-login to your WebLogic Admin Console for multiple WebLogic Domains on one server.