Oracle Forms & Reports in Docker

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Thursday, November 30, 2017 with No comments
As Robert Crames and me has developed some times ago a script set to install and configure Oracle Forms & Reports completely silent and unattended, the next step was for me to port this all to Docker ;-)

Oracle has a really good GitHub Repository ( with several Oracle Products, but no Docker Image for Oracle Forms & Reports :-(

So I spent some time and managed to port our above mentioned script set for Oracle Forms & Reports to build a Docker image for Oracle Forms & Reports.

The complete set of Docker build files and a docker-compose sample can be found under my GitHub Repository

My solution is mainly based on Oracle Images, but very modified:

  • OracleJava:
    • instead of pulling an oraclelinux:7-slim, I am using an oraclelinux:latest.
    • instead of using an Oracle Server JRE, I am using an Oracle JDK 
  • OracleFMWInfrastructure:
    • within this Image, which is based on the above OracleJava Image, I am installing all required RPM's for Oracle Forms & Reports, eg. motif, compat-libstdc++-33 and so on and implementing the fix directly for Oracle Reports
  • OracleFormsReports:
    • this is completely new developed by me. This installs on top of the OracleFMWInfrastructure Image the Oracle Forms & Reports Software
    • with a sample docker-compose file you can create a required Oracle Database based on the Oracle Database Image for the Metadata Repository and you can create the Oracle Forms & Reports Domain including configuration of an Oracle HTTP Server and an Oracle Reports Server
    • The storage location for the Oracle Database Files will be a volume on your Docker host and also the storage location for the $DOMAIN_HOME of the Oracle Forms & Reports Domain will be a volume on your Docker host.
      • With the usage of the volume on your Docker host, you are able to modify all Oracle Forms & Reports configuration files. E.g. formsweb.cfg, rwserver.conf and so on directly on your Docker host
I will regularly update my Repository, next ToDo is to provide Docker Images for Oracle Forms & Reports

So, feel free to pull my GitHub Repository and play around with my solution ;-) any comments, feature requests are welcome, just drop me a comment here ...

Update 1st December 2017: As I received several questions, if and when Oracle Forms & Reports in Docker will be available in my GitHub Repository, I spent some time on it and here we go