Oracle Traffic Director in Docker

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 with No comments
As I am currently working a lot with Docker and I already managed to place Oracle Forms & Reports into Docker, my next goal was to use the Oracle Traffic Director as well in Docker.

Based on my blog post "How to install and configure Oracle Traffic Director 12c - fully unattended", I have converted and aligned my scripts to be used in a Docker Image.

The Oracle Traffic Director Image is based on my already published OracleJDK and OracleFMWInfrastrcure Images (

Just get a copy of my complete GitHub Repository (Download all required software binaries from Oracle) and you can start with building at first the OracleJDK Image:

cd OracleJava/java-8

After that, just create on top of the OracleJDK Image the Oracle Fusion Middleware WebLogic Infrastructure:

cd OracleFMWInfrastructure/dockerfiles
./ -v

Finally you can create Oracle Traffic Director Image, based on my instructions in GitHub and after the successful build of the OTD Image, you can execute the docker-compose file as described in the GitHub

Enjoy Oracle Traffic Director in Docker ;-)