Updated Version of Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Thursday, May 09, 2019 with No comments
Yesterday I published my solution for an optimized WebLogic Image on Docker (https://dirknachbar.blogspot.com/2019/05/optimized-weblogic-image-on-docker.html). The yesterdays version was limited to the usage of Oracle Server JRE 8u152, due to an Oracle Bug 27117282.

So I updated my Optimized Solution, that you can integrate the necessary patches (Patch for OPatch Util and the latest CPU April 2019 for WebLogic, in order that you are able to use an actual Oracle Server JRE, e.g. Oracle Server JRE 8u202. But this requires that you have a My Oracle Support Login in order to download the 2 required patches.

The new Sources can be found under my GitHub Repo https://github.com/DirkNachbar/Docker/tree/master/OracleWebLogic

You just have to download the following 2 patches from My Oracle Support:

Place the 2 zip files in the subdirectory dockerfiles/

After that you can start to build your Oracle Server JRE Image as described in my yesterdays blogpost or in the README.md on my GitHub Repo, followed by the Docker Image build for the Oracle WebLogic Server including the Patches.
This time you have to use instead of the option "-o" (stands for optimized) the option "-p" (stands for patch). This will update your OPatch Utility with the OPatch Patch 28186730 and apply afterwards the latest CPU April 2019 on your WebLogic Server Software Home, so that you can use an actual Oracle Server JRE (e.g. 8u202) to create your WebLogic Domain without errors.