Deprecated Functionality for WebLogic Server

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Monday, November 18, 2019 with 4 comments
Since around 6 weeks the last Oracle WebLogic Server Release is available and I got some spare time to read the necessary documentations.

In the "What's new Guide" I found 2 interesting deprecated features, which weren't announced somewhere else.

Meaning of deprecated features (source MOS Note 888028.1)

Oracle Fusion Middleware deprecation process is to announce a feature deprecated in a given release where it will continue to be fully supported for bug fixes until the next major release. In the next major release, the feature will then be removed. In some cases it may remain, but only to extend the transition period where error correction support is no longer expected.

Oracle Traffic Director is in deprecated status for Oracle WebLogic Server Oracle recommends as alternatives the usage of the Oracle HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTPD Server with the corresponding Server Plugins and so on.

The second interesting feature which is in deprecated status for Oracle WebLogic Server is the WebLogic Multitenant feature and the Resource Consumption Management As an alternative Oracle mentions the usage of Container-Based Solutions.