OpenWorld 2007 Presentation about Oracle AS 11g

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Friday, May 23, 2008 with No comments
Original posted 21st Nov 2007:

Today I found a cool presentation about the future of Oracle AS 11g from John Lang (Group Manager, Fusion Middleware Product Management).

There will be a complete break of technology, structure, concept and administration of the Oracle AS. Some highlights are:

  • Separation of binaries and configuration files
  • Several command line interface (CLI) will be merged into one CLI called asctl
  • J2EE 1.5 Standard
  • One Software installation ($ORACLE_HOME) can contain multiple Oracle AS Instances, this means if you need another Oracle AS Instance on a server where is already an Oracle AS installed, you just have to execute a command through the new CLI asctl Big Smile
  • Unified Management through JMX MBean
    • New web based Administration GUI - FMWControl = Fusion Middleware Control
    • CLI asctl (Scripting language Jython based)
    • JMX Client
  • DMS metrics are fine graded published in the new FMWControl

But unfortunately a release date for the Oracle AS is not published in the presentation Sad, so please be patient.

The full presentation can be found under and search for Session ID S292004.