WebUtil and Oracle AS 10.1.2 PatchSet 2 Problem

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Friday, May 23, 2008 with No comments
Original posted 13th Oct 2007:

During the last weeks I faced with two customers some problems concerning WebUtil and Oracle AS, e.g. a Reports Call over WebUtil was not working or the WebUtil function file_open_dialog was not working a.s.o. Under Oracle AS everything was working fine.

The problem came out of the PatchSet 2 (Patch-No. 4960210) which didn't apply the frmwebutil.jar to the Oracle AS you wanted to patch. To solve this problem just follow these steps:

  1. unzip the PatchSet 2 to any directory which you prefer
  2. go to the directory /Disk1/stage/Patches/oracle.developer.forms.builder/ in your unzipped PatchSet 2
  3. Place the jar utility of the Oracle AS into your $PATH with following command: export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/jdk/bin:$PATH
  4. Extract the needed frmwebutil.jar from the Java archive webutil.2.2.jar with following command: jar xf webutil.2.2.jar frmwebutil.jar0
    Attention: the filename to extract is frmwebutil.jar0 (=Zero)
  5. Make a backup copy of the actual frmwebutil.jar in your $ORACLE_HOME with following comand: mv $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar.save
  6. Copy the extracted frmwebutil.jar0 to your $ORACLE_HOME with following command: cp frmwebutil.jar0 $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar
After these steps just restart your Oracle AS or at least restart the OC4J Instance OC4J_BI_Forms and test your Forms Application with your WebUtil functions.