BEA Welcome and Oracle's Middleware Strategy Briefing

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Tuesday, July 01, 2008 with No comments
I follow right now the "Bea Welcome and Oracle's Middleware Strategy Briefing" and I was really impressed about the plans and direction where they want to go.

With the combination of both product stacks from Oracle Fusion Middleware and BEA Oracle will build up a lot of new and improved components.

Most changes will appear in the Service-Orient Architecture (SOA), e.g. the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus and BEA AquaLogic Service Bus will be unified to the new Oracle Service Bus.

Also a major focus are Enterprise 2.0 Portals, which are already started since last year with Oracle WebCenter Suite. The BEA WL-Portal development will be contiuned and integrated in the WebCenter Suite.

Oracle Identity Management will nearly stay the same, only extended with the BEA AL-Enterprise Security.

The classical DBA who works with Oracle GridControl will also get some new and refreshed Packs for the Middleware Stack.

As I assumed before the BEA Product Liquid VM will be integrated in the Oracle Product Stack. The only thing what I was not expecting is the move from Oracle Container for J2EE (OC4J) to the J2EE Server from BEA, but we will see how much "quirks" of the OC4J will be integrated :-)

If you couldn't follow the Webcast today, check out for details and if you interested in testing the BEA Stack, under you can already download the BEA Products.

One suggestion for the Product Managers of the Fusion Family, maybe you should think about to combine Liquid VM with Coherence, could be really cool just to run Coherence on a Liquid VM ...

Stars are shining bright :-) let's see what they realize and in which timeline ...