Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 available

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Thursday, August 07, 2008 with 1 comment
Since yesterday the new Release of Oracle (BEA) WebLogic Server 10g Release 3 (10.3) is available. Now the BEA Products also get the same naming conventions like the Oracle Application Server Products, let's see how much confusion this will cause :-)

Under the OTN Webpage your can find some general informations and under OTN download page you can find the latest Release. Here you'll find two types of Installation binaries, the Fullinstaller and a Net Installer.

Some major new features/enhancements are:

  • Optional Service Startup
  • Web 2.0 Support
  • ADF/Toplink support (with 11g)
  • JDeveloper Support (with 11g)

Moreover a new Version of the Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10.3 is released, also available with a Fullinstaller and a Net Installer. Workshop for WebLogic 10.3 is now IDE based on Eclipse 3.3 and WTP 2.0