New Book: Oracle JRockit - The Definitive Guide

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Thursday, July 15, 2010 with 1 comment
A couple of weeks ago I receive a request from Packt Publishing, if I am interested in reviewing and writing a short summing up of the new book "Oracle JRockit - The definitive Guide" and here we go :-)

The book are written by Marcus Hirt and Marcus Lagergren, two developers of the original JRockit therefore they really know about what they are writing :-) and the blurb of the book dont't distend that "this book helps you gain in-depth knowledge of Java from the JVM's point of view". What they promise, you will really get :-)

The book is well structured, starting with a classical "Getting Started" chapter, steping over to Code Genereation and Memory Management and Threads & Synchronization. After that my personal favorit chapters following.
The chapter about "Benchmarking and Tuning" is pretty good, starting with different types of Benchmarking, why we need them and how to decide which Benchmarking could be the right one for you. Logically in the same chapter you will find after your benchmarks a section about tuning.
The chapter about "JRockit Mission Control" is in my opinion the best one of the book (but that's just my personal opinion) and in combination with the chapter about "The Flight Recorder" it's unbeatable :-) Here the authors show how to use this powerful tool really in a practical way, so that you gain in-depth knowledge and you learn how to use it in your day-to-day tasks.
The chapter about "The Memory Leak Detector" is also really usefull if you run in such problems.
Moreover there is an interesting chapter about the brandnew "JRockit Virtual Edition", which will be in my opinion the future of how to use and implement a JVM.

My personal conclusion about this book: It's really a must for everybody who is working with the Oracle JRockit, no matter if you are a developer or a WebLogic Server Administrator. So checkit out either in your bookstore or just go the Packt Publishing Website.