Oracle Web Tier Utility Configuration Error INST-07281: JRF is not set up in the specific domain

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Friday, July 09, 2010 with 4 comments
You may receiving following the error message "INST-07281: JRF is not set up in the specific domain" during the configuration of the Oracle Web Tier in order to connect your Web Tier with an existing Oracle WebLogic Server.

The problem is really simple, the necessary JRF Libaries are not by installed configured in a WebLogic Server Domain if you had used the standard template for the domain configuration.

Therefor you have to extend your WebLogic Server Domain, just startup under the WL_HOME/common/bin the script and chose the option "Extend an existing WebLogic Server Domain". Then chose in the tree your WebLogic Server Domain, after that you will reach below provided screenshot and chose under "Extend my domain automatically to suppoprt the following added products" the option "Oracle JRF -".

After the extension of your WebLogic Server Domain is finished, you have to restart your WebLogic Server Domain AdminServer in order to load the newly added Libaries.

After the restart of the AdminServer you can try again your configuration of the Oracle Web Tier and you will see, that now the configuration process will proceed.

The most practical way is, if you install your Oracle Web Tier at first with the option "Install only", after that you run the WL_HOME/common/bin/ script to add the necessary Oracle JRF components to your WebLogic Admin Server, perform a restart of your Admin Server and as last you run the script for the Oracle Web Tier in the directory WebTier_ORACLE_HOME/bin and go through the configuration steps.