Find all configured SystemComponents in Oracle Fusion Middleware - The RESTFul way

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Tuesday, June 06, 2017 with No comments
Today, just a quick post on how to find all your configured System Components within an Oracle Fusion Middleware / Oracle WebLogic Server Environment.

Let's say you are having an Oracle Forms & Reports Environment based on an Oracle WebLogic Server. Within your environment you have configured various so called System Components, and you need to know all the names and the corresponding System Component Type, like:
  • Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)
  • Oracle Reports Standalone Servers
  • Oracle Forms
With the Oracle WebLogic Server RESTFul Management Services you are able to list them all by name and including the type of System Component.

Simply run following cURL command against your WebLogic Server hosting your Oracle Fusion Middleware Components:

# Align the password of your Oracle WebLogic User
# Align the hostname and port of your WebLogic Server
curl \
--user weblogic:Oracle12c \
-H X-Requested-By:MyClient \
-H Accept:application/json \
-H Content-Type:application/json \
-d "{
     fields: [ 'name' ], links: [],
      children: {
         systemComponents: {
             fields: [ 'name' , 'componentType'],
             links: []
}" -X POST http://localhost:7001/management/weblogic/latest/domainConfig/search

    "name": "FRDEVEL",
    "systemComponents": {"items": [
            "componentType": "FORMS",
            "name": "forms1"
            "componentType": "OHS",
            "name": "ohs1"
            "componentType": "ReportsToolsComponent",
            "name": "reptools1"
            "componentType": "ReportsServerComponent",
            "name": "rep_server1"
            "componentType": "ReportsServerComponent",
            "name": "rep_server2"

Unfortunately you can not filter over componentType, as this is not a collection and therefor a query restriction on the componentType will be ignored :-(

This method is a bit quicker then going through your $DOMAIN_HOME/system_components folder and get all your configured System Components.