Oracle Forms 12c Java Web Start only shows Splash Screen

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 with 1 comment
I am currently working in a project for migrating several Oracle Forms 11g Applications to Oracle Forms 12c.
One requirement within this project is to use Oracle Forms 12c with Java Web Start in order to get rid of any kind of browser dependencies and to be independent from the classical Java Applet.

The configuration of Java Web Start usage within the formsweb.cfg is really straight forward and simple, just follow the Oracle Documentation.

The first test failed as usual :-) I was copying the jnlp file to my local desktop, got a JDK 1.8.0 Update 121 on my local desktop and run following command from the command line:

cd $JAVA_HOME/bin
./javaws /home/oracle/test_webstart.jnlp

What happened was that just the Java Logo Splash Screen showed up for a second and disappeared ...

Cool, I was trying the same on different laptops, every time the same result.

After some investigations, I found the solution, simply open your Java Control Panel (Windows User: System Control and search for Java / Linux User: start from $JAVA_HOME/bin the binary jcontrol / Mac Users: Open System Preferences and click Java) and click the button "Settings..." under the Section "General / Temporary Internet Files"

Check if the Checkbox in front of "Keep temporary files on my computer." is activated.

Mark the Checkbox in front of "Keep temporary files on my computer.", Click OK and in the Main Java Control Panel click the button "Apply".

Now your Oracle Forms should work as Java Web Start Application :-)