WebLogic Server - First Look

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Thursday, August 31, 2017 with 1 comment
Since last night the latest release of the Oracle WebLogic Server is available.

I have already installed and configured the latest release, the installation process remains the same as in the previous release, so nothing really new.

The Configuration Wizard ($ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/config.sh) got a new cool neat feature. On the screen 2 of the Configuration Wizard (Templates), you will find a Filter Templates option. In this Filter Templates you can type in the Template you are searching for, which is really useful when you got a fully installed Oracle Fusion Middleware Product like SOA Suite and the Template list is really long.

When you apply a filter (it must only be a part of the string) like "Coher", you available Templates will be aligned accordingly.

The WebLogic Server Console remains the same as the previous releases, there are on the first look no changes and new sections.

Also a cool new feature is within the Data Sources (Active Grid Link AGL), that you can use now an alias from a referenced tnsnames.ora file.
You will need to the set the following system property "-Doracle.net.tns_directory=<path to your tnsnames.ora&gt" in which you point to the directory in which your tnsnames.ora is located. In the tnsnames.ora you just define as usual your tnsnames alias.

Furthermore you should have a closer look on the "What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server" documentation (http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/12213/wls/NOTES/whatsnew.htm#NOTES107), specially the Section "Patch Set 3". Under Deprecated Features you will find following:

JMS resource adapters will be removed in the next release of Oracle WebLogic Server, which might be or !