Oracle Forms & Reports - First Look

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Friday, September 01, 2017 with 5 comments
Today I had some time to play around with the latest Release of the Oracle Forms & Reports Services

Here are my first impressions (at first the positive findings ...):

The installation procedure is the same as the previous release, so just install your JDK 1.8 (minimum version must be JDK 1.8_131), after that install your Oracle WebLogic Server Infrastructure (not the generic WebLogic Server) and finally install over the WebLogic Server Infrastructure your Oracle Forms & Reports Software.

The next step is as usual to run the rcu (Repository Creation Utility) from your $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin location.

Here you can find some new option, under the option "Database Connection Details" you have now the choice between Connection String Format as "Connection Parameter" or "Connection String". This option is new compared to the previous release

Under the Option "Select Components" be aware that the Installation Documentation from Oracle is incorrect, in the documentation is just mentioned you should select following components:

  • Oracle Platform Security Services, Audit Services, Audit Services Append, Audit Services Viewer

On top to the above mentioned Components you will need the Component "Metadata Services", so make sure you have selected following components in your rcu:

When you your rcu is done, the next step is to run the Configuration Wizard from $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/

Here you will find (as I blogged already yesterday about it) under the Option "Templates" the new feature "Filter Templates". Moreover you will find within the Available Templates one brand new Template "Oracle Forms Application Deployment Service (FADS) -". About this new Template I will give my comment a bit later ... 

In case you are modifying the settings for the Admin Server, beware that the Server Groups for the Admin Server will get lost, you need to select under the Server Groups for the Admin Server "WSMPM-MAN-SVR", in you case you will forget this, at the final configuration step you will receive following error "CFGFWK-64038: The app-svc-name "wsm-pm" must have target . . ."

Finally, you can startup as usual your complete environment:

  1. Startup your Node Manager
  2. Startup your Admin Server
  3. Startup your Managed Server
Now you can access the Oracle Test Form with http://<servername>:9001/forms/frmservlet

Now some words (the negative impressions ...) about the new Forms Application Deployment Service (FADS). When you are navigating to your $ORACLE_HOME, you will find a new subdirectory sqldeveloper there, within this directory you will find a full SQL Developer version 3.2 (!!!!). Now lets have a look on the Oracle Documentation for FADS, here you will find a Note like that:

@Dear_OracleFormsPM: why do you provide a full SQLDeveloper Version 3.2 with your initial Software Installation, when I have to update it later, maybe it would be a good idea to install initially directly the required SQL Developer Version 4.2 .... might be a good thing :-)