Oracle Forms and the impact of new Required Support Files

Posted by Dirk Nachbar on Friday, September 08, 2017 with No comments
With the latest Release of Oracle Forms & Reports the Database Required Support Files got a facelift. Oracle moved the Database Required Support Files up from Release to

On the first look this seems not to be too dramatically, but when you check out the Release Note for Oracle Forms & Reports Section Lifecycle Management Informations, you will find this statement

Which means in short terms, once you open pre- Forms Sources with the latest Forms Builder, the Required Support Files will be updated to Version and therefor your Forms Sources can not longer be open with a pre- Forms Builder . . . and also not longer compiled with or from for example Oracle Forms

So don't forget to make sufficient backups from your Forms Sources before you open them with the latest Oracle Forms Builder Release !

Moreover the usual warning from Oracle, that you should not copy your compile Forms from one machine to another is still applicable :-)