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Friday, January 22, 2010

How to create a valid tnsnames.ora from Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

Many of customers are using now an Oracle Internet Directory (OID) to store the tnsnames.ora entries in order to avoid a rollout to every client workstation, if a tnsnames.ora entry has been changed, deleted or added.
From time to time my customers asking me, how to spool out / create a tnsnames.ora file out of the entries of the Oracle Internet Directory.

Here two commands which you can use:

ldapsearch -b "" -s sub '((objectclass=orclNetService)(objectclass=orclService))' orclnetdescstring '((objectclass=orclNetService)(objectclass=orclNetServiceAlias))' orclnetdescstring aliasedobjectname > /tmp/temp_tnsnames.txt

sed -e 's/orclnetdescstring=/ /' -e 's/cn=//' -e 's/,dc=/./g' -e 's/,cn=OracleContext//' -e '/^$/d' -e 's/$/=/g' -e 's/)=/)/' -e '/)))/G' /tmp/temp_tnsnames.txt > /tmp/tnsnames.ora

Be aware both commands must be each in one line !

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oracle WebCenter Suite: People Connection Service

Nearly silently Oracle integrates in the latest Release of Oracle WebCenter Suite a new service: People Connection Service.

People who are registered with Services like Linkedin or Xing will feel really familiar :-) So now Oracle is also providing a complete Social Networking Stack.

More details on People Connection Service can be found in the Documentation, just search for "People Connection"
A sample in Oracle TechNet is also availabile, click here :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Enterprise Content Management Superstar Billy Cripe moved to Fishbowl Solutions

The first entry for this year will just be a small notice on that Billy Cripe (formerly working for Oracle) has been moved to Fishbowl Solutions.

If you got ever the chance to join a presentation of him: JUST DO IT !!! :-) If you don't got the possiblity to see him live, checkout his presentations at

His new blog can be found under following link:

N.B.: @Billy: If you read this: good luck in your new position