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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review of The Oracle Universal Content Management Handbook written by Dmitri Khanine

Some days ago, I receive a message through LinkedIn from Dmitri Khanine (, if he could mention my blog in his upcoming Book "The Oracle Universal Content Management Handbook".
My answer was short: "Of course yes :-)" and I offer Dmitri as soon as his book is out, I will buy a copy and take a look at it and write a review.
Dmitri's reply was also quite short: "He just provided my a draft (nearly final version) of his book :-)"
In the last days I got the chance to read his book and my summing up is: BUY IT !!

Dmitri's book is mainly for beginners with the Oracle Universal Content Management ( He guides from the basic concepts up to the installation, configuration, usage, integration and security with Oracle UCM.
What I personally like, when I am reading a book title like "Handbook" I am excepting, that inside the book, I will be guided through all necessary installation, configuration or development steps. Dmitri's book is in my opinion really a "Handbook" :-) For every important step you will find a screenshot with explaination and the steps between screenshots are in detail explained. So the reader is nowhere lost and can follow anytime. This book will really help you for a successfull implementation of Oracle UCM.

Even administrators or developers which are working already with Oracle UCM will find in Dmitri's book usefull information.

According to Dmitri and Packt Publishing (the publisher) the book "The Oracle Universal Content Management Handbook" will be published in July 2010. More details about the book you can find under
If you are a starter or already a administrator or developer of Oracle UCM, take a look at this book or better buy it :-)

@Dmitri: When you read this, really good work and thanks for providing me the pre-release of your book. I will buy the final release of your book !!

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Layout of my blog

After blogging 2 years with the same layout it was time to change the old layout (really old fashioned) to something new :-)

So, if you are a regular reader of my blog, dont be shocked, you are still at the right blog :-)

Hope you will like the new layout? If not, feel free to complain :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oracle Grid Control 11g ( for Solaris available

After the Linux Releases (x86 & x86-64) now Oracle Grid Control (Enterprise Manager) 11g ( for Solaris (SPARC) is available under following link